Love Is The Beginning, The End 




Relationships come in many forms - family, partners, children, work colleagues and friends, we can literally be surrounded by people most of the day if we choose it.

Many of these relationships will have a positive influence on our lives, however they may also define our feelings and beliefs and have a negative impact on our well being.


  • You tend to attract the same type of partner no matter what you've done to improve your chances of welcoming the right person into your life?

  • There are certain family members you just can't seem to get a long with and would like a deeper insight on why and have the opportunity to start a healing process.

  • You want to understand your partner or children better so you can both work with the dynamics you contribute to the relationship in order to improve it.


The Relationship Reading is not only interesting as you receive insight on your 'nominated other' for the reading, its also immensely useful as it gives you the tools to actively help improve all your connections going forward.


Have you considered that you may have spent more than 1 lifetime with those around you?  Or that they are supporting us with a Life Lesson we have chosen for this lifetime.


These are just a few of the amazing aspects that will be researched along with the Karmic Blocks that hold you back.​


Working in the Akashic Records I will open up 2 connections where I can research not only the Divine Gift and Soul Group of your 'nominated other' but give you insight on how many lifetimes you have shared and in what capacity you are both here to support each other's Primary Life Lesson.   

Like the Soul Realignment Profile reading I then discuss the Karmic Blocks that are affecting you both specifically AND in your relationships in general and how these may be presenting in your current life.

New actions will be discussed for you to 'do differently' and both your records cleared with a tailored Akashic Records clearing activation at the end of the call.







​Imagine how this insight could positively impact your bond when you both understand each others quirks, traits and goals, or give you a totally new perspective on how to deepen or heal your connections further. How do you think your relationships could improve without the influence of shared negative Karma or various contract's that are linked to another Soul?

Intrigued to know more?  I love to connect direct with my clients so feel free to contact me with your questions or even better to arrange a quick call.  Alternatively CLICK BELOW TO BOOK and I look forward to connecting with you very soon. 

"A deeper awareness of those you cherish could be all you need to transform the relationship beyond your wildest dreams." 

Marie Morris

"I had a relationship reading from Marina a few days ago. It was wonderful as usual. This is the 3rd Reading I’ve had with Marina. Before the reading honestly I wanted help in understanding my relationship with my husband at Soul level.


I learned how many lifetimes we were married. Our Divine Gifts. Any blocks in our way. It made so much sense I can’t even say! I really felt that I could understand him, and relate to him better. I mean who wouldn’t want to find this out? Since then I feel more patient and understanding towards him & him towards me, which is really what I had hoped. Thank you Marina….again. It was wonderful. Marie xxx"


This session can be done as a stand alone reading however its really useful if one client is already familiar with Soul Realignment.


All types of relationships can be considered, including partners, family members, lovers and children.


Please note I will need consent from all parties for those who are not deemed as intimate, i.e. friends, distant family and relationships that have ended.  


I can also read for any debilitated adults with consent from a parent, family member or carer.  If you're unsure please contact me.


To complete this healing session you also receive:

  • A tailored Akashic Record Karmic block clearing thats activated at the end of the call in your Akashic Records. This can only be given with the permission of both parties - unless a child or for an adult that is being cared for.

  • A 21 day specific Karmic block clearing request created for you to both read at home.  

  • A chakra healing document to be kept and used after the session. 

  • Access to my private 'Soul Journey Support' Facebook group, where you can receive additional healing from me and invaluable insight and support from the my community.

"May all your relationships be blessed with love, happiness and learning"







Bernie Curd

"It was an amazing reading, I found out I had 14 previous lifetimes with Mark (my husband) and we've been trying to learn the same lessons over and over each time with him always looking after me to the detriment of anyone else. I've been his wife and sister whom he felt responsible for and needed looking after and I always let him to do this and came to expect it.


We have both taken this on board, and now Mark doesn't try to automatically take over when I want to do something that he thinks I need help with, and I now have more confidence and self belief so don't expect him to do everything. So I feel the relationship is now so much more equal for both of us. Thank you so much Marina xx"

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