New Moon in Taurus ♉️ 22.04.20 - 2.25 U.K.

In this blog I'm going to share what to expect with the next New Moon in Taurus and what i recommend to to leverage the beautiful energies it brings, plus I'll share a New Moon Ritual that you can use to ground your next set of goals and intentions.

Wednesday evening on the 22nd we see the New Moon enter into Taurus with it peaking in the early hours of Thursday. Taurus is an Earth sign which coincides beautifully with Earth Day which is a celebration that pays homage to the wonderful planet we live on.

As this is an Earth sign it brings the qualities of groundedness and logic rooted in common sense. If you've been feeling a little out there in the ether or wobbly then this energy will help bring you back down to Earth. Especially welcome if you are feeling affected by the anxiety of the collective conscious recently.


Get Doing. Practicialty also comes with this New Moon and our ability to get ‘Doing’ - It’s time to take the bull by the horns, get hands on and ‘doing your life' rather than thinking about it. Of course that may seem limited at the moment, so review what you can still do, adapt and take small steps forward. Realigning your mindset to HOW you CAN achieve your goals and still maintain your VISION will be KEY!!!

Be Inspired. The Taurus new Moon energises us to become proactive, and helps us to rise above the sometimes suffocating feelings of helplessness and desperation with renewed faith. It releases passion and inspiration to do something positive for the world and make it a better place. We have spent the last few months releasing mental and emotional blockages. Now is the time to move into the flow of action and change the things that no longer serve us. Accept the flow of events from moment to moment with a sense of surrender and you will find you will end up exactly where you want to be!


Speak Up. It’s a time where we will feel more comfortable with our insecurities can speak more honestly and align our actions. Stubbornness is a trait of the Bull so we may find we’re less willing to compromise if the results are not aligned. Speaking our truth will become easier.

Feel Gratitude. Venus rules Taurus so seeing the Beauty in all things raises your vibe and gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside. Beauty comes in many forms from inspiring art, flowers, good food or nature. Take time to appreciate the Beauty in your life and how wonderful it can be. Focus on what you HAVE rather then WHAT YOU DON'T. This will help keep your vibration high and boost your overall wellbeing.

Keep Decluttering. Taurus encourages to keep going with removing and clearing what isn’t for your highest good and doesn’t align any longer. This is vital on all areas of our life and helps us energetically on all levels. Your tech, home, habits, health etc are all relevant and need work. Do 10 mins each day if it helps, or dedicate a day that is your ‘Declutter Day’ and go for it.


🌙 Take action (even if small) towards your goals every day - 1 page of a book read, 1 email sent, 1 glass of water more drunk all helps achieve the bigger vision.

🌙 Being sure of who you are, where you are going and what you are doing is a powerful strength. Use this Taurus moon to tune into what you want without fear or shame and go get it.

🌙 Make the most of this time of the planets growth and regeneration. Everything is lush and green and full of fertility. Nature is our reflection so find hope and inspiration in the nature around you, even when things are looking turbulent.

🌙 It's OK to surrender, this new moon helps us to trust the inner flow wherever it takes us, knowing that our deepest intention will be realised. When we let go of the edge and allow the tide to take us without resistance, we are taken to places we could not even imagine.


🌙 Light a candle or some incense, grab your pen and paper and a brew

🌙 Now take 5 mins to calm your mind and breath slowly in and out

🌙 Take a look at last months intentions - Did you achieve all that you set out to? Do you need to remove points that no longer resonate with you?

🌙 Write your new intentions out as if you already 'HAD' them in your life and also thinking about how it will feel to have them too - THIS IS A KEY ASPECT TO THIS RITUAL

🌙 Say them out loud to the sky and then 'Thank' the Universe for all that you currently have in your life.

🌙 If you wanted to feel the energy of this new moon you could place a bottle of still mineral water in glass out for 3 days - a day before till a day after the new moon and then enjoy over the next week. If placed in pure white spirits it will last longer.

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