New Moon in Pisces ♓️ 23.02.20 - 15.32 U.K.

On Sunday we see the last New Moon of the astrological cycle, so in Pisces - The Fishes. The planetary ruler of this water sign is Neptune the planet of illusions, dreams, intuition, mercy and compassion.

So what can we expect from this emotional, intuitive and dreamy moon and what are we best focusing on when you set your new intentions?

We are in a Mercury Retrograde at the moment so do allow for not everything to go to plan and remain patient especially if you are feeling indecisive and perhaps confused at this time. Mercury goes direct on the 10th March so use this time until then to Review, Reflect and Rejuvenate before you get started on your plans.

Pisces is represented by 2 fishes swimming in opposition to each other. This is likely to cause a push me pull me affect where you have 'Head V Heart' challenge come up. Going with your heart will allow you to stay in alignment with your Soul and ultimately create and attract a more aligned result. Do not stay in your comfort zone at this time - soul growth happens outside of our comfort zone!

Intuitive hits, visions and your dreams maybe particularly vivid over the next couple of weeks - take notes as there will be golden nuggets of advice coming through when we least expect it.

Being in water such as the shower or swimming may be particularly healing at this time. When showering imagine that you are being covered in golden light raining down from above to receive additional spiritual cleansing for your aura.


Pisces is a creative and expressive sign so you may feel drawn to find alternative ways to move and communicate through dance, art and singing. Don’t dismiss these urges but instead embrace them as you’ll discover more about yourself in these moments.

Go with any emotional shifts that come up around this time, this moon is an emotional one and showing compassion with others and yourself will help. Be mindful not to spend too much time in Victim energy especially if others are pushing your buttons. 

Ask for help when you feel you need it you don’t need to do things on your own, reach out to your friends when you your in the Swamp and remember your a beautiful Soul having a human experience - Yes it can be challenging at times I know! What I'd recommend is to find the positives in the smallest ways, look at your shifts with curiosity and emotional detach as much as you can.


🌙 This is time to reflect on all that has passed the last 12 months and complete the projects that are still outstanding in readiness for the new moon in Aries next month. 🌙 You may be a bit emotional over this time as Pisces is a water sign, ruled by Neptune and is all about accepting the shadowy sides of ourselves and what we prefer to hide. Embrace your shadow, be gentle with yourself and release whatever comes up for you over this time. 🌙 Set your intentions from your heart. This is the sign of intuition so take time to tap into what your guides are telling you and then just go with the flow - like a fish in the silvery moonlit water. The more you let go the more your likely to receive. 🌙 Expect ups and downs as the 2 fish swim away from each other - but go with it. Look at all circumstances as learning, laugh where you can and cry - its all good no matter what.


🌙 Light a candle or some incense, grab your pen and paper and a brew

🌙 Now take 5 mins to calm your mind and breath slowly in and out

🌙 Take a look at last months intentions - Did you achieve all that you set out to? Do you need to remove points that no longer resonate with you?

🌙 Write your new intentions out as if you already 'HAD' them in your life and also thinking about how it will feel to have them too - THIS IS A KEY ASPECT TO THIS RITUAL

🌙 Say them out loud to the sky and then 'Thank' the Universe for all that you currently have in your life.

🌙 If you wanted to feel the energy of this new moon you could place a bottle of still mineral water in glass out for 3 days - a day before till a day after the new moon and then enjoy over the next week. If placed in pure white spirits it will last longer.

Did this information help, was this article useful? I'd love to hear.

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