Cancer Full Moon ♋️ Wednesday 30th - 03.28 UK Time

In this blog I'm going to share what to expect with the next Full Moon in Cancer and what I recommend to leverage the powerful energies it brings. Plus I share a Full Moon Ritual that you can use to 'let go' of anything you wish to see the back of, which helps prep the way for your goals and intentions at the next New Moon. The Full Moon's energy is available to us for 3 days, before, on the day and after.

Interestingly a Full Moon Eclipse in a Cancer featured at the beginning of 2020 marking the start of the planets shift and shining a light on the challenges we may have with family, community and connection. And so seems fitting that the same astrological moon will close the year again hi-lighting those very same issues.

So what can we expect with this particular Full Moon?

Cancer is a Water sign and even though has a hard shell is known as the nurturer of the Zodiac and is very family orientated, so will highlight insecurities, fears and worries around belonging and connection. Our doubts are certainly not supported by the current global circumstances so its important to recognise what is yours and what isn't it. I give tips on how to do this in the 'Actions' lower down.

Be Gentle With Yourself - As Cancer and the Moon are connected to water and we ourselves are made up of about 70% of the same stuff, you're emotional wellbeing likely to be effected. If you find you're feel weepy, tired or off kilter, the gentlest thing to do is accept the irritation or low moods and give yourself permission to be in it for a little while.

Release Trapped Emotions! - If you find yourself going into overwhelm and the emotional rollercoaster a tad too much then you need to get active. I love a good workout where I'm out of breath and my body is pumping, however this isn't' for everyone, so even a spot of journaling will help you physically release trapped thoughts and feelings held in the body.

Sensitive Cancer - Expect Emotions To Be On Overdrive!

Balance Your Heart Chakra - As emotional situations and relationships play out you may find your heart chakra may need rebalancing by the end of it. Forgiveness of yourself and others may be more forthcoming at this time or perhaps more challenging. One day you may feel on top of the world and that your heart couldn't be any more filled up and the next feel like it's breaking. Take time to breath and go inward. Visualise your heart opening up and being filled with a pink light and then ask for it to be balanced. You may feel a shift or something release when you do this.

Home Is Where The Heart Is - Community and family could become your main focus under this moon as well as home improvement, nesting and family relationships. If anything under this life area needs to be fixed whether emotionally or practically now is a good time to tackle it. Take some time to drop into your heart space to connect with what you truly want before we head into 2021.


Don't Hide In Your Shell! - There could be a tendency to hide away with this Moon from both your responsibilities and your choices. Recognise you are the powerful creator of your life and have the ability to influence everything that you experience within it. When it feels like things are not going your way use this Full Moon to let go of self blame and work out how you can change it.

Time To Release 2020 - As this is the last Full Moon of the year its your final time to honour your achievements of 2020 and let your frustrations, karmic patterns and limiting beliefs go. Reflect on all the situations and circumstances you feel have held you back, recognise how and the emotion and thought patterns linked, write them all down and release them with this Full Moon.


🌕 Be mindful of your emotions and others, are they actually yours? To get clarity, simply ask for your energy to be returned to you cleansed and clear and for other peoples energy to be released from yours and returned to them.

🌕 Do you need to forgive or show appreciation for the lesson? Now is a good time to mend family relationships and forgiveness shown.

🌕 What heartfelt act could you do for yourself or another today? There are many community hero's are you one of them?

🌕 Remain emotionally detached as your shadow is revealed, journalling will help you to evaluate your triggers. Then offer them up to the Moon and Universe.

🌕 Do any parts of your home need fixing or decluttering? Make a start on something small to allow the new energies in.


🌕  List all that you would like to release on paper - things that no longer help you in your life, blocks that are you wish to now remove - emotions, beliefs, people, habits

🌕 Offer forgiveness to yourself or others if needed - this may need a little time and could take a few sessions to do - be gentle with yourself

🌕 Reflect on all that you are thankful for in your life - include people, events, Mother Earth whatever relates

🌕 Go outside if possible to Moon Bathe and recite to the moon what you wish to let go of, then burn the paper (safely)

🌕 Give thanks to the moon, your guides and the Universe


🌕 Don't forget to charge all your Crystals, Oracle and Tarot cards in the full light of the moon. You will have this energy the day before and after the full moon.

🌕 You can also create Moon Water which helps you to release. Place a glass of spring water on the window sill or outside with some gauze over the top or tin foil and allow the moons rays to charge the water.

🌕 Keep the water in the fridge for max 3 days.

For further inspiration and spiritual guidance why not join my community on Facebook. If Tarot Cards, The Akashic Records, Pendulum Healing & The Ascension Process is your kind of thing, then this group IS for you.

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