Cancer Full Moon - Friday 10th 19.21 UK Time

It's the first Full Moon of the decade and its a FULL MOON ECLIPSE in Cancer!!!!

What is a Full Moon Eclipse? They're created when part of the moon is shadowed by Mother Earth and will appear darker than usual. Even though not very spectacular to look at the energy from this portal is not less potent

So if you're feeling particularly weepy, tired or off kilter than this may be why. Recognise that emotionally you could be on a roller coaster for the next couple of days - just go with the irritation or the low moods, be gentle with yourself and journal if you want. I find this is useful for physically releasing trapped thoughts and feelings held in my body.

Lunar Eclipses also bring a focus on us shifting what we not longer want to experience or put up with in our lives. So it's normal to expect endings and resolutions to all that we've now moved beyond but haven't yet released. You may not feel ready for some of the shifts but thats what a Lunar Eclipse brings with it. Remain as detached as you can and allow what needs to surfaced come.

Sensitive Cancer - Expect Emotions To Be On Overdrive!

Cancer is a Water sign and even though has a hard shell is known as the nurturer of the Zodiac and is very family orientated. They rule the heart chakra so forgiveness of yourself and others may be more forthcoming at this time or perhaps more challenging. One day you may feel on top of the world and that your heart couldn't be any more filled up and the next feel like it's breaking.

"Home is where the heart is" and family could become your main focus under this moon as well as home improvement, nesting and family relationships. If anything under this life area needs to be fixed whether emotionally or practically now is a good time to tackle it. Take some time to drop into your heart space to connect with what you truly want over the next couple of weeks.

Take stock of your money. Cancer is ruled by the 4th House which is foundations, home, and family, so reviewing whether you have enough financial security for our rainy day could prove prudent. Are there other areas that feel unstable in this area - take the time to amend and improve.

This eclipse is likely to be a heavy one but gives us the opportunity to release what we've outgrown and take a leap forward on our spiritual journey - IF YOU ARE READY?


🌕 Be mindful of emotions, yours and others - everyone could be in overdrive at the moment

🌕 Is it time to mend those family relationships, can forgiveness be shown?

🌕 Do you have a savings account set up? Now would be good time to start or increase what you saving

🌕 What heartfelt act could you do for yourself or another today?

🌕 Remain emotionally detached as your shadow is revealed, journalling may help to evaluate your triggers.

🌕 Do any parts of your home need fixing? Make a start on something small.


🌕  List all that you would like to release on paper - things that no longer help you in your life, blocks that are you wish to now remove - emotions, beliefs, people, habits

🌕 Offer forgiveness to yourself or others if needed - this may need a little time and could take a few sessions to do - be gentle with yourself

🌕 Reflect on all that you are thankful for in your life - include people, events, mother earth what ever relates

🌕 Go outside if possible to Moon Bathe and recite to the moon what you wish to let go of, then burn the paper (safely)

🌕 Give thanks to the moon, your guides and the Universe


🌕 Don't forget to charge all your Crystals, Oracle and Tarot cards in the full light of the moon. You will have this energy the day before and after the full moon.

🌕 You can also create Moon Water which helps you to release. Place a glass of spring water on the window sill or outside with some gauze over the top or tin foil and allow the moons rays to charge the water.

🌕 Keep the water in the fridge for max 3 days.

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