Aries Full Moon ♈️ - Thursday 1st Oct 22.05 U.K. Time

In this blog I'm going to share what to expect with the next Full Moon in Aries and what I recommend to leverage the powerful energies it brings. Plus I share a Full Moon Ritual that you can use to 'let go' of anything you wish to see the back of, which helps prep the way for your goals and intentions at the next New Moon. The Full Moon's energy is available to us for 3 days, before, on the day and after.

As with all Full Moons its a great time to release all that isn't serving us, that which doesn’t feel right and habits you’d like to change. I also like to set intentions with a Full Moon to replace what has been let go of..... these don't need to be in depth or extensive as you would with a New Moon, however its an opporuntity to replace the energy with something more positive.

So what can we expect with this particular Full Moon?

This is the first of the 2 Full Moons we will see in October with the second on Halloween and is in Aries (the first sign of the zodiac ♈️) and representative by the ram, so can be said they're a little head strong at times and stubborn!!! However this will bring an incredible focus to get your stuff done. If you’ve experienced set backs recently then this is a great time to ram through your fears and trust your intuition and make the what you can left of 2020 a success.

Mercury Goes Into Retrograde! - We do see the planet of communication - Mercury head in a retrograde on the 14th Oct, so be mindful that you're not being misunderstood when sharing your plans and intentions with others. Travel plans maybe restricted at this time anyway but do take time to consider anything completely new and if there is any legal paperwork to sign - triple check it!!!

Continue To Use Your Intuition! - We have experienced so much change this year the one thing that it has shown is we have to connect more to our inner GPS system to navigate what to align to and believe. With this moon it is no different, continue to strengthen your practise and allow your inner guidance to show you the way.


Are You Holding You Back? - Aries allows our focus to come back to us and make the personal changes needed to complete our goals and vision. You may have the need to complete outstanding projects, tie up loose ends and continue to release those relationships that no longer align. This Moons energy supports you to take risks and have the courage to stand in your own power. Review where you're holding yourself back and make the choice to change it.

This Moon Could Be Intense! - Your fears and weakness will be highlighted with this Moon in order for you to instigate change. Take the time to reflect where you are giving your power away, where are you not speaking up or being authentic and start to take a stand. Reseting your boundaries with others will help in building confidence, self worth and aligning to YOUR truth.


Tempers Could Be Shown! - There are other planetary energies that are contribute to this period of time, ones which may bring a lot of anger and rage to the surface. Be mindful on who you spend your time with and not to force your views on others. Pick your battles wisely and don't fall into being the victim. Be as detached as you can emotionally and step away.

Stop Hiding Behind The Lies! - Limiting beliefs are also being called to be released..... you can not hide behind them anymore.  Connect with your heart, you know what is right for you, what is real. The ego (and we do love it) just wants to keep you safe, however it limits our path and growth, our flow and our abundance.  So take time to see what you are resisting, don’t believe what appears to be on the surface, connect with your heart for the truth.  


🌕 Take risks, be courageous and bold with your decisions 

🌕 Review your boundaries, are they solid enough 

🌕 Communicate your needs clearly if you want to be supported

🌕 Take note of the AHA’s, synchronicities that show up - this is the Universe talking to you

🌕 Don’t fight Fire with Fire, use this moons energy to communicate honestly and with compassion


🌕  List all that you would like to release on paper - things that no longer help you in your life, blocks that are you wish to now remove - emotions, beliefs, people, habits

🌕 Offer forgiveness to yourself or others if needed - this may need a little time and could take a few sessions to do - be gentle with yourself

🌕 Reflect on all that you are thankful for in your life - include people, events, Mother Earth whatever relates

🌕 Go outside if possible to Moon Bathe and recite to the moon what you wish to let go of, then burn the paper (safely)

🌕 Give thanks to the moon, your guides and the Universe


🌕 Don't forget to charge all your Crystals, Oracle and Tarot cards in the full light of the moon. You will have this energy the day before and after the full moon.

🌕 You can also create Moon Water which helps you to release. Place a glass of spring water on the window sill or outside with some gauze over the top or tin foil and allow the moons rays to charge the water.

🌕 Keep the water in the fridge for max 3 days.

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