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How Much Do You Think Your Life Could Change If YOU Learnt To Align To The Energy Of Money?

We are offering this Masterclass as a guide to empower you to address any limiting beliefs and create a new positive relationship with Money.

Hi we are Rebecca and Marina and we are the creators of

'The Moon, Money & Me'

The fact you are reading this page right now tells us there is a part of you that is ready for change and improving your money story.


And we suspect you have tried numerous ways to improve your ability to attract money or abundance and nothing has really worked.

And you probably also know that you have to keep your vibration high and thoughts positive to remain in the flow. 


Sounds easy doesn't it? 

But if you're like a lot of people, this is more likely:

  • You start with good intentions but then lose momentum after a few days when nothing shows up

  • Don't actually believe that you can attract or manifest money so stop trying

  • Find there is too much to do or remember in the process

  • Are worried that having more money may change you

  • Think that at times the Universe is conspiring against you

  • Deep down don't actually think you deserve to have more money than you earn

  • Feel guilty for asking for money for your services or from others

  • Think you have to work hard to feel comfortable in receiving money

We have both experienced challenges with money, being in debt, bankrupt and focused on what we don't have.

And at times have been left stressed and feeling incredibly low!

When you're feeling good life seems to flow so much better:

  • Your ability to manifest what you desire increases

  • You have more motivation, drive and energy to achieve your goals

  • You feel lighter and happier within yourself and within life

  • Opportunities seem to show up without having to push for them

  • You appreciate all that is good in your life

  • Decisions are easier to make and your choices feel aligned to you 

Which Is Why We Created

The Moon, Money & Me Masterclass

This Masterclass will help you align with the energy of money using Emotion Freedom Technique, Visualisation, Journaling, Affirmations and a Money Block cleared from your Akashic Record.


The process will involve you being reflective and proactive, and as with most things they more effort you put forth, the more shifts you will create.  Changing your thoughts around money will create a ripple affect so commit to the class and reap the thought seeds you plant.

 We recognise when we fail to look at money blocks it creates a sense of lack and creates a negative mindset.


If sustained it may lead to issues with health and feeling unhappy. 

What's so different about The Moon, Money & Me

that I haven't tried before?

This program is special as it combines a variety of methods and uses the phases of the moon to harness their power.


The Tips and Techniques we share will address some of the root issues that are blocking your flow of abundance, help improve your Mindset and encourage you to reframe your beliefs, ultimately increasing your manifesting power..


This is a program created for those who want a different approach to manifesting that recognise that being honest and doing the inner work IS a necessity to align to the energy of money.

How Would It Feel To:

  • Understand the importance of balancing the Mind, Body & Soul and how to do it?

  • Know what 'Type of Eater' you are and how to manage you're cravings?

  • Eat in alignment with the Moon's energy to feel lighter?

  • Have more energy so you can deal with life's challenges more easily?

  • Sustain your healthy body weight without the guilt when you do have an 'off day'?

  • Be supported by likeminded women on the program who 'Get your challenges'?

  • Learn what your 'Goal Achieving Archetype' is and how it can help you plan your life? 

  • Feel you're able to get control back of your life and manage it more effectively?

  • Learn how to create mini habits that enhance your new lifestyle?

  • Let go of limiting beliefs and have more time to enjoy the present moments?

  • Use natural higher vibrational remedies to help create your transformation?

  • Feel lighter in every way - Mind, Body & Soul?

 The Moon's energy is so powerful it governs the tides of the sea and our seasons.  There are phases we can use to 


Working with the Moons phases helps leverage your results.

Meet Your Coaches & Support Team

It's our personal pleasure to welcome you to The Moon, Money & Me and guide you on all aspects of its content whilst energetically holding the space for you to Learn, Heal and Embrace every aspect of you - Mind, Body & Spirit.  

Click to find out more
Click to find out more


We so look forward to connecting with you deeper on  

 The Moon, Money & Me Masterclass

Now It's Your Turn to Create Change In Your Life...... And We Want to Help!

The Lunar Life is a 6 week program for you to complete at your own pace with access to a friendly, supportive, high vibe facebook group to support you to create positive change in mind, body and soul long term.


Each week includes a moon nutritional plan because the moon affects us whether you realise this or not. The Moon Nutritional Plan is based on the fact that we know the moon's effect on the earth's oceans and rivers, so we can use this fact to our advantage.


During a new or full moon the sun, moon and earth are in alignment and there is a change in the pressure and movement of the water. So, knowing this fact and the fact that we are made up of around 70% water we can align with the moon, sun and earth using the atmospheric pressure's effect on our metabolism to support the removal of toxins and fat from the body IF we support the body during those times.


Not only that as the moon passes through phases certain foods are more beneficial at certain times but all the hard work of figuring out what to eat has been done for you, you just need to source the foods and follow the guidance.

In addition to nutritional support you will access lots of other content such as EFT, Meditations, a Wellbeing Planner, learn 'What Type of Eater' you are, Movement Motivation, how to 'Clear your Aura and SO much more.

This isn't a quick weight loss program.  It's about a shift in mindset to designed to empower all areas of your life.


It's about Raising Your Vibration to bring balance to Mind, Body & Soul

All along the way, we will lead you through the weeks that will soon have you feeling and knowing that your life can change!

Here's What You Get In The Lunar Life Program:

Week 1 -  Making Space For Greatness!

This a week of decluttering as we prepare to get stuck into the program and create transformation.  It's a known fact that what we collect and hang onto creates blockage for anything new being able to be experienced.  So together we will work on decluttering both the physical and digital to Raise your Vibration in super quick time.  Includes a Luna Lifecycle Chart to get to the root cause of your challenges.

Week 2 -  Harnessing The Power Of Your Mind!

This week we focus on the mind, your intentions for creating positive change and how you achieve your goals. We look at what can deter us from our plans - usually our Ego, what tricks the Ego can pull (there are many) and how to get the Ego on side to work in our favour.  You also find out this week what your Goal Setting Archetype is.  

Week 3 -  Working With Your Inner Child!

A key aspect of ourselves is our Inner Child so this week is deigned to have fun, laughter and connect with her on a deeper level.  Healing will be offered through Meditation and EFT to help us resolve any hidden blocks that are slowing your progress or need to be released.

Week 4 -  Let's Conquer Cravings!

Cravings are huge aspect that we often struggle with when it comes to nutrition, so this week you'll be assessing What Your Eating Style is and your 'Go To Foods' that you use to cheer yourself up or self reward.  Another group EFT session will be given to help you look at the root cause of your cravings to help you move forward.

Week 5 -  Mindful Momentum

Movement is a huge part of creating over all balance and how we move our body is one of the themes for this week.  We all understand that exercise is important but have you ever connected your mind to what you do too?  Bringing mental awareness to your body movement and when you eat has a greater impact on your results - FACT!

Week 6 -  Aligning With Your Divine Feminine  

In the last week we explore our 'I AM' presence and Gratitude, what it is and how it helps us to manifest at a much faster rate.  At this point of the program you will be feeling more in balance, empowered and embracing the positive changes.  To enhance these changes we look deeper at ourselves, our levels of self worth, love and our blessings.


So... What's The Investment for The Lunar Life Program?

That's a good question, and first consider this.......

  • How much would you pay to finally understand your relationship with food and be able to make more conscious aligned choices?

  • ​How much would you love to finally end the struggle of every day life and learn how to create more balance in your life?

  • How much is it worth to understand how your Ego can deter you from achieving your greatness and know how to handle it?

  • And perhaps the most important much is it costing you now to stay where you are?  Where you know you are standing in your own way?

That's a good question, and first consider this.......

  • How much would you pay to finally understand your relationship with food and be able to make more conscious aligned choices?

  • ​How much would you love to finally end the struggle of every day life and learn how to create more balance in your life?

  • How much is it worth to understand how your Ego can deter you from achieving your greatness and know how to handle it?

  • And perhaps the most important much is it costing you now to stay where you are?  Where you know you are standing in your own way?

We know that before we created The Lunar Life program we were making changes in certain areas of our life but the focus and balance still wasn't right.  We were addressing one area of our life but then forgetting about the rest and we came to realise it simply doesn't work.  Life and how we live is now so fast paced at times it can become overwhelming which is why we developed this lifestyle that does.

6 Weeks of Support, Growth and Transformation 

This is for you if you're want to learn the foundations of The Lunar Life Program and then continue at your own pace outside of a group environment.

  • 6 weeks program membership and its CORE content 

  • Additional FB Content - Weekly Wisdom, Weekly Wins, Daily Nutritional Plan, Full Moon LIVE, Saturday Spells..... and ACCOUNTABILITY

  • Personal Goal Archetype Info taken from your Akashic Record

  • PRIVATE FB Group support with likeminded women (PRICELESS)


  • 20% Discount code to continued membership

  • 10% Discount code for further 1:1 coaching sessions

  • My Wellness Planner (VALUED AT £21)

  • What Is Your Eating Style (VALUED AT £21)







We so look forward to connecting with you deeper on  

 The Lunar Life Program

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