Healing Your Business For The Next Level Of Success 

Imagine How Much Your Life Could Change If YOU Had A Way To Identify Your Business Success Blockers & Heal Them?

✓ Due to recent economic challenges and difficult circumstances does your business now need to step up financially?

✓ Do you feel you're constantly hustling trying to attract new clients and feel exhausted in the process?

✓ Have you had time to reflect over the last few months and realise you're holding yourself back,  but unsure why and how?

Learning how to use your Business Akashic Records will not only support you with identifying and clearing your SUCESS BLOCKERS it will help you rewrite your business's future too.

Star Cluster

✓ Are you ready to access a wealth of information that will support up levelling your business going forward? 

✓ Are you committed to look at your business from a new perspective and REALLY get to the root of what's holding it back?

✓ Are you willing to find a new way to address your business challenges that is different yet empowering?

If you choose the path of entrepreneurship you will be aware that you choices and decisions create your reality. But did you realise that your business has its own Akashic Record that contains blocks and restrictions that could override your efforts and influence all the results you get!

The Akashic Records are an energetic database of knowledge that records the memories, choices and consequences of every life time you've ever lived, it's a powerful tool that can empower you to create positive impact in your life.  


Your business Akashic Records hold a vast amount of information that give you clues to how you are being held back.  When you learn how to access this insight and heal it, you unlock the potential to elevate your life, abundance and business success.

Without access into your Akashic Business Records you can't heal the system and move your business forward, which is why I created the Akashic Business Activator Program.

Your Business Is An Energetic Entity Which Requires Healing Too!

✓ Do you feel like you're constantly chasing your tail and never have the time or energy to work on growing your business?

✓ Do you keep attracting the same problems or delays that keep you stuck from moving forward?

✓ Do you know that you could take your business to the next level if you didn't always self sabotage?


✓ Would you like a more consistent income stream so you can feel financially comfortable?

This is the only Akashic Record program that supports you in going deep into your Business Chamber to reveal your blocks, gifts and give you insight.

"I experienced Marina's magic when she led us to visit our Akashic Records and meet our Business Guide. Not only was it a relaxing experience but meeting my business guide properly and conversing with was him was liberating.  Just opening the door has led me to become excited in my business and the clients just keep coming." - Yvonne Douglas, London

Star Cluster

The Akashic Business Activator Is A Program That  Will Help You Discover How To:

✓ Understand what the Akashic Records are and how to effectively use them for your personal and business needs

✓ Create your BIG vision and activate that intention into your business Akashic Record.


✓ Understand more about your Soul Gifts and how to align them to support your business.

✓ Identify your business resistance mechanisms and how to handle them so they don't hold you back.


✓ Manage your time and energy better through simple proven techniques that will increase your productivity.


✓ Heal any limiting self beliefs and patterns, enabling you to more readily step into your power with confidence.


✓ Get comfortable with being visible and being able to communicate your message with authority. 

✓ Increase the ability to attract clients to your business by identifying and healing your wealth blocks, enabling you to grow your income stream.

✓ Become practised using the Akashic Records to make informed aligned decisions which will save time, money and energy.

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Your Journey Through This Program?

Starts March 2021

Module 1 - Akashic Record Activation (2 Weeks)

  • An introduction to the Akashic Records and how to use them.

  • Receive your attunement which supports your access.

  • Connect with your Business Chamber guide.

  • Deliver your first Business Chamber Cleanse.

  • LIVE Q & A Call 

  • Use supporting videos, prompt sheets and meditation to establish the process and build your confidence.

Module 2 - Tuning Into Your Vision (2 Weeks)

  • Business Analysis - Taking an honest look at what needs to be healed for you to achieve your next level of success.

  • Tune into the energy of your next 6 months intentions and write them into your Akashic Business Chamber.

  • Understand how to deal with your resistance.

  • LIVE Q & A Call

  • Use supporting videos, prompt sheets and meditation to transform the energy within your business.

Module 3 - Leveraging Your Resources (2 Weeks)

  • Learn ways to successfully manage your energy, time and resources whilst running your business.

  • Adopt proven techniques which support you to effectively set boundaries and cut chords.

  • LIVE Q & A Call

  • Use supporting videos, prompt sheets and a daily meditation to keep your energy cleansed and clear.

Module 4 - Discovering Your Soul Gifts(2 Weeks) 

  • Learn what your Soul Gifts are and how to leverage them effectively in business.

  • Practise ways to connect and use your intuition to boost your business decisions.

  • LIVE Q & A Call 

  • Use supporting videos, prompt sheets and exercises to strengthen your practise.

Module 5 - The Future You! (2 Weeks)

  • Embrace the next version of you - 'Who do you need to become' to take your business to the next level.

  • Discover what is impacts your self worth and self esteem and change those stories.

  • Rewrite your Record to boost self confidence and self image.

  • LIVE Q & A Call 

  • Use supporting videos, prompt sheets and self acceptance meditation to reframe your beliefs.

Module 6 - Being Visible (2 Weeks)

  • Identify and clear limiting beliefs and past life blocks that hold you back from confidently sharing your message.

  • Learn effective reframe techniques to help improve your Sales and Marketing 

  • LIVE Q & A Call 

  • Use supporting videos, prompt sheets, affirmations and a Throat Chakra meditation to enhance your communication.

Module 7 - Money, Money, Money (2 Weeks)

  • Review your wealth mindset to identify and clear the blocks that prevent you from increasing your financial flow.

  • Learn how to activate a new wealth story in your Business Chamber to attract abundance.

  • LIVE Q & A Call 

  • Use supporting videos, prompt sheets and an 'I Embody Wealth' meditation to boost the healing. 

Module 8 - Integration & Reflection (1 Week)

  • Using the last week to review the positive impact you've created in your life and business

  • A opportunity to recap and integrate the techniques and all you've learnt.

  • LIVE Closing Call 

  • Looking at your next steps and my continued support.

" I was taken into my business records and received such insight from my guide.  I was advised to create a course on empowering other women, I received a price, a launch date and that it was working with goddess energy. Thank you Marina, the experience with you was life changing for me and my business." - Sarah Joanne Ashurst, Manchester

Who Am I?

Star Cluster

For over twenty years I have been guided to help others to know themselves deeply and to discover the many hidden talents and skills they are simply unaware they have.

I was at a crossroads in life. A standstill. I knew that I needed guidance at a spiritual level. After receiving a truly incredible Akashic Record healing, my life changed in an instant. Suddenly, I understood. The fog lifted, and everything became vividly clear.


I knew how to move forward. I felt free, released. I will be forever grateful to the healer who gave me that clearing. It was with their intuitive guidance that I reclaimed my focus, passion, spiritual balance, and my zest for life. I began living again.

Soon after this poignant event in my life, I knew that I wanted to use my instinctive spiritual ability to empower others. After qualifying as an advanced Soul Realignment practitioner, I began to deepen my practice. And I have never looked back.

My transformation was an epiphany. So seeing my clients experience this transcending experience is vastly rewarding, on both a personal and spiritual level.


Over the last three years, I have worked with hundred's of clients. Each requiring unique guidance. With my vast knowledge of soul alchemy and running my own spiritual business, I am able to  personalise the sessions at every level. This ensures that clients receive only the most appropriate and personal reading.

I allow my clients to clear any blockages and negativity which may be hindering them in their forward journey. Once they receive this, each individual leaves the session call focused, motivated and contented. No two readings are the same. Every experience is different. And this makes my work hugely fulfilling.

Its with this insight, skills and practical experience gained that I've created this program to empower you to take your business like mine to the next success level.  

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100% Guarantee

Yes you read that correctly, this program does come with a 'Money Back Guarantee'!!! 



Because I believe in the power of this program and have the confidence that you will see and feel the positive shifts within yourself and or your business as you go through it.

However if you feel even after making the commitment to invest at least 2hrs a week you don't see any change, then I'm happy to give a full refund.

Transformation within this program will occur at different rates.  Be gentle with yourself and honour the process.

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